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••Happening Somewhere
αÑ  We need to have a Relationship
!!  The exploration of the subatomic world in the twentieth century has revealed the intrinsically dynamic nature of matter.  
ÇÇ  What you think becomes your reality / Vonnegut
░░The Shadow Self
ccControl Culture – Philip Slater
„…„  Mystery or inability to perceive?
©©  Kant and Video (A New Leaf)
Æ  In the Fall the grass is cut down …..
B&B Beavis & Butthead
INA Time to Turn Inward
BQThe Big Question
§§  The Board
⌂⌂  Retreat can become Resistance
Θδ  Shakespeare, Fritjof Capra, Raising Arizona
φ■ Saul Alinsky – History does not repeat specific situations….
▲  The Magician
▓ √ Change Happens at the Periphery
╙╥  AR Ammons – Making Fields
IQIs the Internet making us dumber?
╬╬  Comparison is the Thief of Joy
▐ß  The universe is an interconnected whole …..
MR  Rothko Dialogue
£Ÿ  People are inevitably characterized by what they care about.
◙  What does success look like?
EH  People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them.  Eric Hoffer
$$  A New Leaf – you have no money
SWThe entanglement of running toward and away from pure beauty – Simone Weil
CM  The Tropics – Czeslaw Milosz
τΦ  Why curse the darkness when you can light a candle?
DD  You pick the Devil you run with.
WooThe Woo Woo
Θ→Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
☼☼ Humans are Energy Beings
ÿó  Beginning to see past the end of the party.
SA╩ Something snapped in my ass
R  Restraint / Mrs. Cunliff
//  Propaganda – Eric Hoffer
FS  Perhaps, when we incarnate into this world as individual beings ………  
¿?Symbols, Sigils, Hexagrams, Mandalas
╥╖Taking Stock; Maria Popova
∞∩  Judging Race – Eric Hoffer / Introductions at Tea
ßßBarbarism – Simone Weil
¥╫  When we make something / the stuff of this world
48Control – Hexagram and Car beating clip
R∙≥Girl Walks Out of a Bar
WHWhite haired women
8►Do Good; Friends
ΦΦConscious time versus unconscious time
δxBe the Change
‰We Are Not Meant to Transcend
ŸThe Dark
╬Transcendental Consciousness
ÊX  Explanation and Contact
LsLast Stands
HMGThe Details
∞See Into
º¬Smelt It – Delt It
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