Why are there so many Asshole-Idiots?

Putting aside those Asshole-Idiots who were made that way by personal circumstances, why does this phenomenon occur in human society?

The answer is related to the evolution of consciousness. Our frontal lobe is a relatively new addition to our brain. It houses the consciousness that governs our waking thoughts. Animals have a different consciousness – a stream of sensory information that leads to decision making that is geared primarily for survival. Animals have to make split-second decisions. Humans make comments.

In humans, the development of the frontal lobe brought a qualitative leap in thinking, but the leap was not uniform. Each human consciousness exists on a spectrum. Like any spectrum, the lower end is characterized by elements that are different from the higher end. At the lower end, consciousness operates on a level that is essentially transactional, tribal and personal. These are the Asshole-Idiots.

And, of course, they would say that “At the other end of your fancy “spectrum” are the elitist assholes who make websites like this one.”

That last paragraph is the fourth one down and we know that Asshole-Idiots never read that far, so I said it for them.