If we are the Consciousness experiencing itself, we may not be meant to transcend. In fact, we are constructed not to transcend. We are constructed to experience. 

Simply put, we can expand the nature of our experience. The borderline between the 3D physical universe that we perceive with our senses (the “Hertzian state”) and the unmanifested state (the “Non-Hertzian” state or the quantum field) is the speed of light.

“All Hertzian motion takes place below the speed of light, and is therefore visible to our senses.  It is the three-dimensional world spreading out in space and time.  All non-Hertzian motion is above the speed of light, and is inaccessible to the physical senses, but the manifestations of it are accessible to the inner senses: its timeless presence of all possibilities, and its momentary transfer of information, more than anything else.”

Ivan Antic, The Physics of Consciousness in the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plans, Animals and Human Souls