…..Transcendental consciousness can be attained not by one who desires it, but by one who has nothing else left to do, who can go neither forward nor backward because they have become aware of going around in circles.

Ivan Antic, The Physics of Consciousness: In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls

When we incarnate we ask our consciousness to inhabit a physical brain, with all the limitations that come with it. Primarily, the physical brain dwells in 3D reality. We humans live inside our own heads. Our physical reality is sometimes called the Matrix, a description that borrows from the idea that we live inside a system that is not real.

Why were our minds made this way? Don’t say “evolution.” Evolution is a part of intelligent design but does not explain how we or this 3D reality came into being.

Why must we go through these lifetimes? Why was this material reality created? There is a lot of suffering involved. 

The best answer (or perhaps a merely good answer) is that the material world, and the beings in it, are the Divine observing itself. In this light, our experience as humans has a purpose. We experience the world as part of a larger expansion of consciousness. What happens here, in the 3D Matrix, resonates in other planes. And vice versa. That’s the best I can do.


Most of us (the overwhelming majority) will stay inside our own heads for the duration of our lives no matter how much meditation or yoga or sitting on the mat we do. 

Some of us are going to evolve in the direction of “waking up.” And eventually (very eventually) the 3D world will evolve and the greater Consciousness, which is the source and basis of everything, is enriched. This last statement is where faith comes in. 

Caveat: Almost everything in the “spiritual” category is written in declarative sentences, the assuredness that comes with half truths, into which category I am sure most of this website fits.