I am advised (mostly by my son) to pull back on the “woo woo.” It may undercut my credibility and the more intellectual content in this site. My reaction is that openness to woo woo is all you need. You do not have to accept any particular element of spiritual or mystical belief. But if you are open to it, your perception of the world is different. The woo woo is not for your conscious mind. It is about paying attention to your intuition and the idea that thought affects things in the physical world. We know that repetitious thoughts affect our physical brains (neuroplasticity) and that trauma may change our DNA and be passed on to future generations. If you accept those two examples, you can generalize the concept to consider the possibility that thought and the imbuing of things with our intention may work at a subtle level to affect things in our world. Suddenly your world view is more pliable. Perhaps you pay more attention to things you sense at a pre-verbal level. The world is more interesting.

…. having lived as both a witch and a sceptic, I’ve learned that life is more fun when you believe in magic.

Sophie Saint Thomas

Red Glitter

GIF by Clayton Shonkwiler / https://shonkwiler.org/art