I am in a grocery store trying to get some information about Heinze Vegetarian Baked Beans. I thought I scanned the right code. Can you help me with this? I don’t know what to do.

Beverly, Pawtucket, RI

Here’s a clue.  When you die it’s DONE.  Lights out.  Ain’t no one waiting for you.  Get over it, Princess.

Bill, Houston Texas

Forget about the Abyss. I was kidding.

Josiah S. Carberry, Brown University

I find this web site sucks very bad. 

Website Analyst

“….. bombastic, baroque ……. a willful oddity, synched with an antediluvian and mystical reality.” New York Times review of the Red Book, Carl Jung

I tattooed your QR code on my penis.

Daryl, De Moines Iowa

Oh my Ghaawd. Have you been into the LSD again?

Captain Video

I write this knowing that knowledge of a subject is inevitably partial and limited by the individual perspective from which it is viewed. It may not be possible to have perspective if you don’t know how things work. Of course, purporting to know how things work, without knowledge (or perspective), is the province of social media. That’s why I confine myself to erudite sites such as this one.

Melony, Seattle WA

Egoist idea mongering coupled with a juvenile taste in movies. 

Aspirational Zen Master

What are we supposed to do?  Just click these symbols and read what comes up?  Is that it?  Is there something more?  Do I have a soul?

Dwayne, Bank Manager

You had to put your little QR code next to a urinal. Nice job smart guy. Now I’ve pissed myself. And for what? Some little smarty-pants bullshit.

Jim, Cincinnati, OH

Young man.  Now!  Give me that knife.

Sister Mary Elephant, Big Bambu

Whoever this is – You need to Cease and Desist Now!

New York State Thruway Authority

I have this mole.  Its gotten bigger and now there is a hair coming out of it.  Can I pull the  hair out or should I shave it? 

Phyllis, Cell Phone Owner

Is there anything useful in this web site?

Herb, New York NY

This QR Code is like a crack in the Consciousness Simulator. For a brief moment, I can see behind the Display. Thank you.


I can’t find my car, asshole.

Jimbo (again)

I know who you are.

Barmaid, The Snuggery

Are any of these comments real? Did you write your own comments? Pathetic!

Me (maybe)

You’re not clever and you’re not cute.

Fourth Grade Teacher

There is a fine line between fishing and just standing by the shore like an idiot.

Stephen Wright