Spirit is organized consciousness.

Jason Miller

All esoteric wisdom is hidden and can only be seen or heard by those who know.

Valeria Ruelas, Mexican Witch

Jacqui Fashimpaur, Timescript encoding of “Sooner or Later”

What do you have to “know?”  That the universe is more than what your physical senses and scientific instruments can detect.  Then it becomes a matter of discerning, filtering and interpreting. But nothing is possible unless you are open to it. 

A QR code contains a message that you cannot see without a QR code reader. Whether you perceive it or not, the message is always there. In our physical world, the image of the code appears to the naked eye as a symbol. In another domain, where QR is a native language, the code is the message itself. What exists as a symbol in one domain, exists as a living thing in another. What exists as a sigil in our domain, is the spirit itself in another.

The domains influence each other. “As above, so below; as below, so above.” The Emerald Tablet