It has been said that an artist should never explain his/her work.  I agree, but I am not an artist.  So here’s an idea.  The QR Code is a collection of shapes that means nothing to us.  At most, we can see that there may be some kind of a pattern to the shapes and we can speculate about what the pattern could mean, where it came from or what it could symbolize.  We can explore its visual value as a piece of art.  We can make the codes themselves more visually interesting.  At one extreme, they could have intrinsic spiritual value or carry power. At another extreme, they mean absolutely nothing and hold no significance.  It’s all a lot of guessing – until we use a QR Code Scanner.  And then the “unknown unknown” becomes known.  The plain message materializes (unless the code is also a sigil). 

Is that not what happened when the pioneers of Chaos Theory discovered the existence of certain fractal patterns that appeared and re-appeared in one model of a chaotic system after another.  In a different context, are we staring at quantum entangled particles that make no sense to us without being able to see into the dimension where the “entanglement” exists?

Are we, in fact, surrounded by things analogous to a QR Code?  Do we look at the world and see shapes and lines that have no apparent meaning but whose message or meaning would be plainly revealed had we the means to see it?

Are we, as a species, peeling back the limits of our awareness through science?  And as we do that, are we struck by how little of the universe we can actually perceive with our physical senses?

Notwithstanding my disclaimer above, this is an art project. If you scanned a sticker and found this site by scanning the sticker, you have interacted with the physical side of the project. This site gets updated. Check back from time to time.

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