The Big Question.

Why are we here?

Our physical world is the province of the conscious mind, a place where we can be individual. Our unconscious self would invade our “singleness” and compromise our functioning in this world if it was not walled off during our waking hours. (But, as you know, our unconscious is never entirely walled off.)

We are here to experience giving effect to our own intent.

It is common to say that we are here to make progress. While more obtuse, it may be better to say that with our without affirmative effort, we “become.”

You are not what you are.  You are what you are becoming.

Before you arrived here, you were like a drop in the ocean.  CJ Jung (The Red Book):

As a drop in the ocean, you take part in the current, ebb and flow.  You swell slowly on the land and slowly sink back again in interminable slow breaths.  You wander vast distances in blurred currents and wash up on strange shores, not knowing how you got there.

And you do not know how this happens to you.  You had thought your movement came from you and that it needed your decisions and efforts, so that you could get going and make progress. 

But from far off your heights shine to you above the sea in a golden light, like the moon emerging from the tide, and you become aware of yourself from afar.  And longing seizes you and the will for your own movement.  You want to cross over from being to becoming …..

…… you long for the sun, for light dry air, for firm stones, for a fixed place and straight lines, for the motionless and firmly held, for rules and preconceived purpose, for singleness and your own intent.

At some point we become aware that external stimulation is a distraction. See: IN

We read this with our conscious mind. To expand our perception, we have to do some bridging to the unconscious mind. To do that, we have to look inward.

Don Kenn, 2009

One more thing. There is no progress in making deals with the next world. Transactions are for this world only.

Cut yourself some slack. “Good girls go to heaven (but bad girls go everywhere).”


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