Human beings can decide what they do, which means they can do beautiful things and awful things and everything in between.  This world is governed by straight lines – physical laws whose operation we understand.  We can rely on these physical laws.  They insulate us from the larger Universe (the ocean) to which we return at death.

You may feel that you are not making any progress here.  You are not aware of your “becoming.”  You may feel you are in the endlessness of being, but not becoming.  

Some of us are having a terrible time here. But perhaps:

In the depths, being is not an unconditional persistence but an endlessly slow growth.  You think you are standing still like swamp water, but slowly you flow into the sea that covers the earth’s greatest deeps, and is so vast that firm land seems only an island imbedded in the womb of the immeasurable sea. [Jung, The Red Book]